Halls of Rockhouse - Letcher County



The Halls of Rockhouse - Letcher County, Kentucky

This website is devoted to collecting and sharing information about the ancestors and descendants of Jason and Gracia Meade Hall, who married in April, 1908 and set up housekeeping in the Rockhouse/Deane/Mill Creek area of Letcher County, Kentucky.  They had nine children (three sons and six daughters), only one of whom survives today (May, 2012).  Gracia died in April, 1923, just four months after giving birth to the youngest child, Evelyn Hall Kesler, of Vallejo, CA.  At the time of Jason's death in 1968, there were fifty grandchildren, most of whom survive today.

The purpose of these pages is to provide a place where family and friends can view, add and correct items of interest to the Hall family.